Sunday, January 22, 2012

Filipino Innovation: Glasses Free 3D Screens

Who would have thought today's the era when glasses free 3D screens will exist? I bet 10 years ago, no one thought of this technology. During that time, probably there wasn't any 3D screens. It makes you wonder what people will be able to come up 10 years down the road.

Meet 3D Vizion, a Filipino owned company, which makes the glasses free 3D technology available to Filipinos and to the world. It is a budding Filipino company whose goal is to "revolutionize the country's advertising landscape and put us at par with other nations using the glasses free 3D screens as its main platform," says its President and CEO, Ms. Karina Bantug.

vintage car 1 & audience Jan182012
Photos courtesy of 3D Vizion and GeiserMaclang PR

Something that is predicted to "redefine the viewing experience," the glasses free 3D screens is 10 times more effective to leave a photographic memory, or a lasting imprint, compared to the 2D counterpart. It has a track record of "heightened engagement, yielding 92% in memory retention," with "68% of the said statistics displaying a higher probability of following the experience with a purchase."

Katrina shares that "a US study discovered that when used in a mall, the sales of the brand featured in the glasses-free 3D screen went up at least 12% in addition to the store reporting a 34% increase in consumer traffic."


The first idea that struck me and lingered in my mind that night when the glasses free 3D screens were shown to us, was the great potential of the technology to be used in the tourism promotions of the Department of Tourism, and its latest campaign, "It's more fun in the Philippines."

Imagine this: A 30 seconder that will capture your eyes, your senses...the beauty of one of the Philippines' 7,107 island destinations. The majestic Bohol. It will show you the tarsiers with their big eyes, the whales and dolphins swimming, going up to see the chocolate hills, river cruising along Loboc, entering really old and wonderfully made churches, and the local cuisine. Definitely, it will show you why "It's more fun in the Philippines". :)

Imagine this, the Islands Insider (by The Extra Mile Productions) of Gabby and Ginggay in 3D? WOW! FUN!! (Catch The Islands Insider on National Geographic Channel, coming really soon!) :)

buffalo & audience_v3 Jan182012bullet train & audience_v3 Jan182012
Photos courtesy of 3D Vizion and GeiserMaclang PR

Not only cars, buffaloes or bullet trains can be projected on the screen, but also almost anything under the sun. Think of the possibilities in a few years time, who would know. As people watch less and less TV, and divert their attention to what's online, the 3D Screens without the glasses is a innovation that would definitely catch someone's attention. Soon, gone will be the days of the print, stills, and 2D, which could be really boring. People will find more and more ways to interact, to experience, to grasp reality.

P.S. Thank you to 3D Vizion, GeiserMaclang and Jewels Sision for the photos. Thank you to Gabby Malvar and Ginggay Hontiveros for sharing their "Islands Insider" trailer on the beauty of the Philippines. Last but not the least, visit Amorita Resort (official sponsor) when you're in Bohol, Philippines!!! :)


  1. Impressive. This is very helpful to know. Thanks so much.

  2. Ed Travis, Director Technology, 3D VizionJanuary 26, 2012 at 4:51 PM

    Great post and thanks so much for reviewing our technology!
    - Ed Travis, Director of Technology, 3D Vizion

  3. This is really interesting, Do people still get eyestrain because of watching to much 3D shows or movies? Thanks.

  4. Nope optician! With our technology, you won't experience any kind of eye strain while looking at our screens.

  5. I like the idea of adding 3D effects on your campaigns. It is very compelling and persuasive. This will surely give a better experience among consumes. By the way, I also love the idea of manufacturing a 3D free screen. 3d advertising



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