Monday, January 23, 2012

Taipei's #1: Share Tea in San Juan

Share Tea is a Taiwanese tea-beverage store which specializes in milk tea and tea. It started in 1992 and has since expanded to over 180 stores worldwide, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, United States, Dubai UAE, Brunei, the Philippines, and is still expanding rapidly.


Share Tea is most loved for its classic pearl milk tea drinks as well as for their other specialty drinks like rock-salt cheese drinks, natural fruit teas, and handmade taro with fresh milk, which are all exclusive at Share Tea.


My second cousin, Christy, invited me to try out Share Tea. One Sunday, before going to Victory Greenhills, we passed by the tea shop to try out what they have to offer. Since Share Tea is new to me, I let them decide what they wanted me to try out.

Menu of Share Tea

I tried the (a) Rock Salt Cheese with Cocoa - a mix of sweet cocoa drink with salty cheese cream; (b) Taiwan Classic Pearl Milk Tea - an all-time favorite, they say that no other milk tea comes close; and (c) Handmade Taro with Fresh Milk - A must try, handmade yam drink.


The three drinks I have tried are really good and refreshing. I personally like the Cocoa with rock salt and cheese. It's comparable to Happy Lemon, or actually even (arguably) better.

The pearl milk tea is another staple. I think you can judge if the shop is good from this most basic drink they offer. After the first sip, I can safely say that Share Tea is one of the milk tea places worth going to :)

The hand-made taro drink, on the other hand, was interesting. It's refreshing and unique, but it's not for everyone I would think. For me, it lacked sweetness and texture.


Share Tea (They Deliver!)
Wilson, Greenhills: +632-7278888
Pioneer, Pasig: +632-6545555
Facebook: Share Tea Philippines


  1. craving for a cold drink now... :P

  2. Wow the Share Tea here looks nice :D ! Nice and cozy. The one we saw in Hong Kong wasn't really that flattering :P

  3. I tried it & its delicious.



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