Sunday, April 10, 2011

Canon S95, coLAB and Philippine Tourism

Before, my family was in the photo business - developing negatives into beautiful photographs, and providing hard copies of memories people can share with their loved ones. But at this age, when everything has turned digital, I guess, we have all left that stage, upgraded and went with the flow with how we take photos and document our memories.

Taking photos is an important aspect of of what I do now, of blogging, writing, and documenting memories; this is why I make sure that I have the best possible camera that would be able to satisfy my photography needs, at a price not so damaging to my wallet.

As much as I would love a new DSLR, I would not need something that's too big, bulky, or would cost me a lot of bucks, which eventually would be really difficult to bring everyday. I need my camera, everywhere and anywhere I travel or go. I need it on the go, light and easy, and yet it stays powerful.

Canon S95

Canon has been my camera for more or less 2 years now, and the brand has been a very good companion. Right now, I own a Canon IXUS 120 IS, but I was thinking that it needs some upgrading. One of the cameras I am looking at is the new, strong and sexy, Canon Power Shot S95. You can read very good reviews of the camera here at Technoodling, and a vis-a-vis review of the camera with the Panasonic Lumix LX5 here. Another camera I am eying at is the SONY NEX-5, but that's another story.

Canon S95 Camera Kit

I am very thankful to Canon Philippines, especially Ernalou, Roseann and Mike for lending me a Canon S95 to try out for two weeks, so that I would able to get a feel of the camera and experience it first hand. So right after getting the unit at McKinley Hill, I headed to co[LAB] in Makati for the "meeting before the Meeting" and for me to be able to test drive this awesome camera.

This is the sight when you enter co[LAB], a collaborative hub where people can do their own thing, or work together, create, and explore new possibilities. This is where the 1st Meeting of the Minds was held. It has meeting rooms or single office space depending on the space you need to be able to work and finish what you have to.



Look what I found in one of the rooms. A jar of colored pens and pentels. A perfect subject for the Canon S95 camera. A perfect tool to write, create, and do mind mapping of ideas. What's perfect in co[LAB] is that there's coffee there! TADA! My eyes lit and spirits awaken at the sight and aroma of a coffee maker. They made a cappuccino for me!


I want you to meet my collaborators, the masterminds, the geniuses behind the next Meeting of the Minds, the focus group on Tourism, which will be set soon so don't worry. First up is Arriane Serafico. She works for Senator TG Guingona. She is an awesome government employee, who wants to change the image of government, just like me.

Arriane Serafico

Of course, Anna Oposa, who just graduated and will now face the real world. She's an environmental advocate, a diver, a nature lover but not a tree hugger (if you know what I mean), and most important of all, she's the future DOT "Sexytary," she says. Remember that!

Anna Oposa

Lastly, but definitely not the least, there's Sarah Meier-Albano, beside Anna. She's the mastermind of all masterminds, our "mother dot-connector" (peace). She's the beauty and brains behind this all. She's our Philippine Tourism Ambassador! :)

Anna and Sarah


  1. my favorite photo is the colored pens, the colors pop out, i love!

  2. Yun nga eh! :) Cool noh? :) Thanks

  3. S95 is awesome. :-) I have it and use it for most of my pictures, alternating with my Canon DSLR and sometimes my Nikon point and shoot. My pictures from S95 are almost as good as the ones from DSLR. I'm in no way a pro though.

  4. Noted! I am considering buying one for myself. I think it's about time for me to upgrade my gear :)

  5. S95 is love! Steep price but competitive indeed :)) I even named mine like it's a pet or something :))

  6. which is the reason why i'm saving up for a canon, the nikon i have (basic) doesn't give justice to the color for my blog posts sometimes.

  7. Great photos. Canon is probably my favorite camera everytime I have my holiday vacation getaway.

  8. hi po..i really like that cam too. lx5 and s95 nakaka confuse.. saang store po kayo bumili? thank you..



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