Monday, April 4, 2011

Dot Connecting at co[LAB]: Let's Change the Philippines!

"Imagine having 40 of Manila’s prime movers and shakers — all wanting to create change in the country — sitting in one room."

This was the scene at co[LAB] in Makati last Wednesday - 40 of Manila's influencers from different sectors of society (Arts and Media, Youth, Government, NGO, Business...) gathered to talk about what Change and Progress meant to them, what is it that they are doing, and why they do it. 

For me, this is one real PPP (Public Private Partnership), brought together by dot-connector, and fellow Philippine Tourism Ambassador, Sarah Meier-Albano, her husband, Banj of Project Heal Manila, and guest speaker, Filipino-American writer and advocate Miss Ruby Veridiano, who helped synthesize and put everything together. 

PHOTOS: TOP: Banj + Sarah Meier - Albano, and Miss Ruby Veridiano. BELOW: Joey and Mon of Team Manila.

"You turn to the left and you can talk to someone from media. To your right, you can exchange ideas with someone from the fashion industry. There were people from government, lovers of music, filmmakers, graphic designers, writers and bloggers. The energy was just bouncing off the walls, and the exchange was geared towards one common passion: harnessing our creativity and talents to bring change to the community we live in." - co[LAB]

PHOTOS: Bianca Gonzalez, Alex Lacson, Quark Henares, Pia Magalona, and Erica Paredes.

“Too many of us know how to hurt, without knowing how to heal right. And really, a lot of this is for me, who can’t seem to learn how to be happy, but be willing to offer my deficiency to build those who feel half-full. Because this is all that I’ve got. And my arms, it is all I’ve got to offer. And I know it is cliché as hell, but I can be here to catch you.  So if you are falling, don’t trip. Love. I swear. I’ve got you.” - Ruby Veridiano

Here's a short video by Sarah showing a glimpse of what transpired during the "Meeting of Minds":

"Connect with us by keeping #ManilaMinds as an active column/search on your favorite Twitter application, and we will be in touch soon for the next dot connecting session." - Sarah Meier-Albano.

Surely, our "meeting" did not stop there. It transcended that event, and it is still ongoing, everyday, as we continue to hope, inspire, and create. We cannot sit idly. No. We must act, influence, and change ourselves, and others around us (in our work, in our circle of friends, in our spheres), and continue to be dot connectors, as we strive to unite and be one in changing and improving our society, the Philippines. 

----- PILIPINAS, TARA NA! -----

FULL SUITE's co[LAB] serves as a hub to a collaborative community that shares the same values of entrepreneurship, creativity and integrity. This shared workspace is ideas for freelance professionals, home office workers, startup businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and graduate students.

"We like to work, and we like to be around people. So we decided to create a space that enables collaboration, encourages creativity and engages you, our community."

They have this monthly JELLY, open to everyone, to experience how co[LAB] works. What's good about this is it is actually free. You just need to bring yourself, and whatever it is you are working on so you can actually work on it there.

This April's JELLY will be on April 05, from 1:00-6:00pm at the FULL SUITE, Inc., 4th Floor Optima Building, 221 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, 1229. For packages, plans and pricing on working in co[LAB], you may refer to their list on Facebook.
All photos courtesy of Arriane Serafico and her new Canon 600D, and co[LAB]. 

"We are all dot-connectors. We connect people, we are connected. We come together as one for a cause greater than us. It may be for good governance, for poverty, for tourism, for art, for media, for clean water, for a lot more problems and issues we have. We come together, and act. We share ourselves and become one. What's important is we act. We act as one." - Brian Ong

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