Tuesday, April 5, 2011

California Crunch Cassava Chips in BBQ and Sour Cream & Onions

"Around the world, cassava is a vital staple for about 500 million people. Cassava's starchy roots produce more food energy per unit of land than any other staple crop. Nutritionally, the cassava is comparable to potatoes, except that it has twice the fiber content and a higher level of potassium. Just like potatoes, cassava can be used as vegetables in dishes, grated to make pancakes, dried and ground into tapioca flour, or sliced and made into snack chips."

This is the latest alternative chips snack available in leading Philippine supermarkets and hypermarkets. I have never tried cassava chips until now, and I can say that the taste, as well as the texture is interesting and can surely be an alternative to potato chips.


California Crunch Cassava Chips come in two flavors, Barbecue and Soup Cream & Onions. The Cassava Chips Barbecue flavor has a sweet taste at start but ends with a spicy finish. As soon as you try a chip, the sweetness dominates your taste buds; but when it fades away, the spicy goodness comes in. Just the way I like it! I never knew that Cassava Chips can be this interesting and yummy. It gives an interesting combination. You really have to try some to understand and get a first hand experience of the taste and sensation :)

The other one is the Cassava Chips Sour Cream & Onions flavor, an "American twist to an Asian Snack." Sweet and tangy tastes combine with sour cream and onion goodness. If you're familiar with Sour Cream & Onion on potatoes, it's similar to cassava chips also.


The California Crunch Cassava Chips are packaged like any other chips snack in the market, at 120 grams per pack, and costs Php 44.50 only. Personally, I like the Barbecue flavor more than the Sour Cream & Onions. I feel that the flavor is more natural and it strikes a balance between sweet and spicy flavor, just the way I like it. The other flavor, is a little bit nakakasawa, or maybe it's just me. Try it!

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