Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paris Délice: Food Made in France!

Paris Délice, an alternative fast food restaurant situated along Juno St. corner Makati Avenue, carries authentic French food, which include breads, pastries, sandwiches, quiches and salads, at reasonable prices. I was invited to try out the newly opened restaurant a week ago, so I went with my friend. After tasting what they had to offer, we were impressed with the gastronomic experience we had!


Florian and Thibault, French co-owners of Paris Délice greeted us to their simple yet cozy restaurant. They explained to us the story of how the restaurant came to be, and how they prepare and present their food to the public - made with ingredients imported from Paris, and made fresh out of the oven daily. With very high regard for quality and authenticity, Paris Délice offers French food as if they were made in France.


One of their best sellers, and my personal favorite, is the Le Lillois. It is one of their yummy sandwiches, made of chicken, bacon, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lettuce. A perfect healthy combination I can eat everyday for lunch. The bread is just so perfectly made, with the right ingredients complementing the taste of the whole sandwich. Not to mention, the baguette was to die for (I've never tasted anything of this quality in the Philippines, until now).


After the sandwich, we tried their Croissant and their Le petit pain au chocolat, and their popular Choquettes. Both the croissant and the le petit pain au chocolat were really fresh, soft, and tasty. The dark chocolate and the bread go well together, while the les choquettes, French cream puffs covered with crunchy nuggets of sugar, then baked until golden-brown perfect, were great with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, which they owners said to be both sourced locally.


I really love the place! In fact, the next day, I brought with me Pauline, our French trainee at the office to try if it will pass the "French taste." I know she was being home-sick and this might cheer her up, so we pushed through. Guess what, she was all smiles and really happy the moment she saw what was behind the glassed shelves. She wanted to order EVERYTHING :)


I ordered the Tomato Cream Soup with baguette (you just can't get enough of this wonderfully made bread), spinach quiche, and fresh lemon juice. She ordered a sandwich, and Coke. We had desserts after - Chausson aux Pommes (Apple turnover) for her, and Triangle aux Amandes (Almond triangle) for me. We were both happy and satisfied with our food!


She was extremely happy, really, she wanted to write a letter to the owners. We asked for a paper, she brought out a pen, and she wrote French, of course. She expressed how happy she was eating authentic French food in Manila, after more than a month without it.


Paris Délice is open every day from 7am to 10pm. :) You may visit and add their Facebook page here. Check out Un soir à Paris Délice: Authentic French food at the heart of Manila for more information.


  1. great food find! will add this up in my list.

    the sandwiches looks yummy and the hot chocolate too~

  2. Yumyumyum! It's good to know that the food here is good since the place looked out-of-place. Definitely need to try this next time! :)



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