Friday, March 25, 2011

Taters delivers using Quick Delivery

What to do with 300 pesos, and a very boring afternoon in the office? Order food! :))) I recently discovered that Taters delivers using Quick Delivery. This was another opportunity for me to use Quick Delivery, and have good food delivered right to my office, so I immediately dialed 2121212, and ordered from them. :)

Quick Delivery - TatersTaters Popcorn

I am a big fan of Tater's popcorn, specifically their five fingers (5 flavors in one bag). I was craving for that so I got a big bag (Big Time - 140g) of their Flavored Super Pop (Php 95). The five flavors mixed in one bag include nacho cheese, sour cream and chives, texan barbecue, wasabi and white cheddar. Believe me, it's so yummy! You can opt to have it with additional melted butter, but since I am asking them to deliver it to me, I opted not to add that.

Tater's Popcorn

Another bestseller which I got was the Flavor-Coated Tater Chips. I had Sour Cream n' Chives, since they said it was their bestselling flavor for this treat. It's priced at Php 105 for the Big Time (140g).

Tater Chips

Lastly, since I had more or less a hundred more, I had another bestseller, their Flavor-Coated Cornachos (Nacho Cheese - their bestselling flavor), also Big-Time (80g) at Php 70.



  1. finally, i love the onion rings. for sure pwede din mag pa deliver ng lemonade, right?

  2. Hi Francis! Yes of course! :) I love their lemonade!

  3. I've got to try those when I get back home to Philippines for sure! :)

  4. Yes you should! BTW, I love your blog! :)

  5. i should try it delivered sa office one time! haha thanks sa tip. nice blog btw!

  6. this is what I miss. The American food in the philippines is just so awesome. and yes the lemonade, the flavored popcorn, everything. This is one Saturday afternoon ritual I really miss. grrrr!

  7. @Francis: Yeah you should! Thanks a lot man!

    @Ziggy: :) Why, where are you now?

  8. I had tried Flavor-Coated Cornachos,you can really feel the cheese in there...



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