Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Minute Maid Flavors - White Grape and Grapefruit Orange

I was seeing posters outside 7-eleven showing that there are two new Minute Maid flavors available to the consumers from more than a month back, but not until the other day did I really found these flavors in 7-eleven's shelves. Presenting the new Minute Maid White Grape with real Aloe Vera Pulp, and the Minute Maid Grapefruit Orange with real Orange Pulp, which comes in 450mL PET bottles. Both are great additions to Minute Maid's line up of healthy juice drinks.

Minute Maid FlavorsMinute Maid New Drink


  1. hey, we have same background in my blog.

  2. i didn't like the white grape, tasted like grass.

  3. I love minute maid. Even though the taste is sometimes a bit too sweet but when it's kept cold is very good. Looking forward to them.



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