Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boracay Philippines - Alta Vista de Boracay

Lost Tsinelas spent Christmas in Boracay with his family, together with a few other famous people like him who wanted to get out of Metro Manila (and their own countries), and rest on the shores of one of the visited tourist spots in the Philippines. Mark Salling, also known as Puck in the hit series Glee, was one of the people who have visited and stayed there for quite some time. It was reported that he enjoyed his stay on the island. :)

Before 2010 ended, I followed, and went on a trip to Boracay Philippines, the island paradise, as a lot of people who have went and seen the beauty of the island would say. It was my first time to go to Boracay, and I was very much intrigued what the island has on both Filipino and foreign tourists, as it is one of the top destinations of the Philippines. The next few posts would feature food and sights one would see in Boracay Philippines, and would spell why it remains to be one of the best in the eyes of the tourists who visit the Philippines.

Alta Vista de Boracay

My Boracay Philippines adventure starts with where we were billeted during our short stay in the island. We were invited to cover an event, which I will write about later, and we were checked-in at Alta Vista de Boracay. We arrived a little past midnight, which was caused by several delays, (but that's just another story all together and I rather not talk about it) so I just had a decent meal delivered to my room, and slept, to get up early and explore the island paradise.

Alta Vista de Boracay Hotel Room UtensilsAlta Vista de Boracay Hotel Food

I woke up to this sight. These several photos below were taken by the hotel lobby. Alta Vista de Boracay has an infinity swimming pool one can swim in, relax and enjoy while he or she is in the hotel resort. Too bad though, Alta Vista's location is on the mountains, a few hundred meters or, actually, more than a kilometer away from the White Beach, where all the action and the people can be found.

Alta Vista PoolAlta Vista Pool ViewAlta Vista de Boracay ViewAlta Vista de Boracay Rooms

These next photos are taken inside the room that I stayed in. Although you can sense the woody air and old-like smell of the place, maybe because of its location (near the forest) or poor maintenance, I don't know, the rooms are really spacious and can fit a group of 4 to 5 people.

Alta Vista de Boracay Hotel RoomBoracay PhilippinesAlta Vista Room

The bathroom has a tub, a cold and hot water shower, toilet with vitae, sink, basic amenities, such as tissue, soap, shampoo and lotion, and a hairdryer. It's pretty decent and big, actually. The last photo shows the balcony of the room I had. Each room or unit has a separate balcony. Cool! :)

Alta Vista de Boracay CRAlta Vista de Boracay ShowerAlta Vista de Boracay Veranda

2010 has been a blessing for me. I have tried a variety of food, been to a lot of restaurants, traveled to places, gained friends and a lot of experiences, and I simply lived life. :) I feel that I am really blessed and lucky, and I would not trade what I have now for anything in this world. Now that it's 2011, it is another year to look forward to; I wish only for the best for everyone. :)

P.S. I would like to thank FOX International and Selecta for the Boracay Philippines trip :)


  1. Nice! I truly miss Boracay and Alta Vista looks promising. Happy New Year Brian! :)

  2. Happy New Year Peachy! :)

    Mica! Uwi na! :))) Hope you're enjoying it there :) Happy New Year din

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