Monday, January 3, 2011

Manila's Signature Dishes 2010 - C2 Classic Cuisine's Redefined Filipino Classics

Located at Cravings Center along Katipunan Avenue, C2 or Classic Cuisine, is one of the restaurants I visited for the Manila Signature Dishes 2010. The set that was tasked I try was the Redefined Filipino Classics Set, which included several Filipino favorites, such as the Sinigang, cooked in a modern way.


One of the best sellers of the restaurant, the Crispy Ribs Sinigang was the first one served. Sinigang has a big following in the Philippines, but now, C2 redefined the way of cooking by infusing the crispy fried ribs with the popular soup dish.


The Adobong Sitaw came after. I am not really a fan of veggies, and it's the first time I ate Sitaw, or String Beans, and surprisingly I like it. The few pieces of pork and shrimps made it more exciting and flavorful.


Last served was the Dory Escabeche. It's a dory fish fillet, pan fried of poached, served with an acidic sweet-sour sauce like vinegar or citrus juice. The sauce was just right. I enjoyed this fish dish.


For dessert, we were served leche flan, or what you could call as a Filipino custard. It's smooth and creamy with the right amount of sweet syrup poured on top and all over it.


Unilever Foodsolutions (UFS), being the preferred foodservice business partners among restaurateurs, felt the need to acknowledge notable restaurants who are developing Manila as a culinary city. They have partnerered with select restaurants within the metropolis in coming up with signature dishes. UFS has synergized with these restaurants, both through dish development and promotion campaign for these signature dishes, in achieving one common goal: coming up with a different culinary experiences that provide value for money and culinary memories for diners.

If you’re a restaurateur (or an aspiring one) and in need of help in coming with your signature dish, call (632) 588-8855 or email at

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