Friday, December 11, 2009

Say ni Chiz - As narrated to Bibeth Orteza

Say ni Chiz

Exactly a week ago, Senator Chiz Escudero launched a book entitled "Say ni Chiz (as told to Bibeth Orteza)" in the National Book Store in Shangri-la Mall Crossings. This book is a very handy compilation of truths in the life of Francis Escudero, when he was an average/normal young boy, to when he grew up as a lawyer, and to what we all know him to be now. It tackles his personal and political life, and a lot more. Through the language used to narrate the story, he made sure ordinary Filipinos would easily connect and understand him more. "Parts of the book tackle his brief but significant encounter with the late actor Fernando Poe Jr., whose 6th death anniversary is on December 14." (ABS-CBNNews) Senator Chiz Escudero once served as FPJ’s spokesman during the presidential campaign in 2004.

For me, this book is a light read and would be an ideal gift to your loved ones this Christmas :)


  1. wow! hey bong, fyi bibeth is a phideltan. galing ng brods at sis tlga! =)

  2. ive red the book, its fantastic!!!!!!
    he's truly a man of courage, honor and integrity... he could have won if he runs for the highest floor...

  3. @michi: :D

    @arvin: it is! :P

    @anonymous: yey! i think so too! :)



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