Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brain Food for LAE

Barbie got me to register for the Word of the Day at Merriam-Webster Online as one of our preparations for the upcoming UP Law Aptitude Exam (LAE) this November 22, 2009.

Since then, I'm receiving words that I'm sure will help me someday. But for now, our brains will only work if there is intake of real food, so here, enjoy some food photos of what I ate during the week (or last week):

The French Baker
French Baker
The Chicken Salad Croissant, chunky chicken salad with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber on a freshly-baked croissant, served with potato chips.

Saisaki Buffet
Saisaki Buffet
Priced at P455 and P555 during promo days, VAT inclusive, Saisaki (in Megamall) proves to be one of those restaurants which never runs out of customers. Saisaki is operated by Triple V Corporation which also operates Dads (Western cuisine) and Kamayan (Filipino cuisine). Thank you Mommy K! :)

Figaro Coffee
The Dory Provencal (Php 199), a pan-fried cream dory fish-fillet infused in zesty Provencal sauce. This meal comes with a pasta of your choice (Arrabbiata, Al Tonno, Carbonara, Classic Chorizo and Pesto), Green Salad and a choice of 12oz. Iced Tea or 12oz. Iced Coffee.

I think that after this, I should live an abstemious lifestyle, huh?

Photos taken using a Sony Ericsson W760i


  1. I prefer TFB's Beef turnover; find the croissant a bit puffy.

    Oh, and I must try this Dory Provencal next time; I usually eat another pasta dish (can't quite remember the name).

  2. @Jethro: ahh... noted. tho i love croissants eh :P and yes, try it!!! :D i love the dory! yummy!



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