Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bantayan Island, Cebu

It was my first time in Cebu; my second instance to ride an airplane. We landed in Mactan-Cebu International Airport last Friday, and headed straight to Bantayan Island. From the airport we rode a taxi to North Bus Terminal. From there, we rode a bus to Hagnaya port, then a RORO (Island Shipping) to Sta. Fe pier in Bantayan. It was an estimated 4-5 hours from Manila to Bantayan, with all of those transfers.


In Bantayan, we stayed in Sta. Fe beach club. From the pier, you can already see Sta. Fe, a 5 minute drive away.


While in Bantayan, you should try D'Jungle, the best restaurant in the island. They serve buffet, which boasts of a variety of tasty seafood to crispy pata to differnt kinds of grilled dishes, from Friday to Sunday for only 249 pesos. It comes with a refillable iced tea.

You might also want to go on a day trip to Virgin Island, a private island, where you can snorkel and rest for the day for an entrance fee of 300 pesos. Renting a boat from Sta Fe. for the whole day costs 1,800, inclusive of your lunch while on the island, and your snorkeling gear.


  1. I love Bantayan Island! My friends and I opted for its peaceful and more relaxed atmosphere instead of the party scene in Boracay for our graduation trip two years ago, and it was an amazing experience. We stayed in Kota Beach which was a very nice resort. The hours-long bus ride from Cebu and the ferry ride after were well worth it! Can't wait to go back. :)
    This is a great blog you have here! :)

  2. @Daene: Yeah, I love Bantayan! It's really relaxing too in Virgin Island. Kota Beach, I'll try that next time, though Sta. Fe's good as well.

    @Jethro: Really fine! It's like you can use it for mud bath. Really good.

  3. Di pa ako nakapunta ng Bantayan Island. waaah. Dapat ko na ma-try soon. :D

  4. @Bryan wah! oo! andyan ka lang naman! :D hehe

  5. taga bantayan island ako...kung sino man sa inyo ang hindi p nka punta dun...suggest klang para mas enjoy ang vacation ninyo..much better during holy can see there a lot of different people...from different country.....
    Pero ok din kahit walang occation tulad ng holy week...their are lot's of different spot to visit there..specially the beaches...



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