Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bigby's Titanic Treat - a dessert of the gods


Among the hefty servings of Continental, Mediterranean, and Oriental dishes Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant serve, their Titanic Treat is a must, MUST try! It's 40 scoops of ice cream and toppings all over the place. This baby is the god of all desserts. Yes, be afraid. This enormous dessert is for those who are adventurous and who call themselves ultimate food lovers.

Owner Henrik Yu told us that if you'll order this with another person (meaning there's just 2 of you) and you guys finish it in 5 minutes, this Php 999 monstrous treat will be free of charge! Anyone up for the challenge? ^^

Bigby's started in Cagayan de Oro, and now, it has expanded to Metro Manila, in the newly opened Atrium in SM Megamall

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  1. Hala this is so delish! Even at php999, it looks like a good buy. *mouth watering*

  2. yeahhhh :) but i bet you'll just order this once in your life :P hhahaha

  3. 999 + bactidol + strepsils + cefalexin + mefenamic acid and a drum of water

  4. howto much daw?

  5. kayang kaya to ubosin, tatlo kami ng mga kaibigan ko naubos namin to in 5mins. And we did it 3 times!



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