Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Boholano Cuisine at Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant

While I really absolutely had fun and enjoyed my Bohol Country-side Tour and my fantastic Garden Villa accommodation, care of Amorita Resort in Panglao Island Bohol, my main purpose that night was to try and taste the signature Boholano Cuisine prepared by Amorita's Saffron Restaurant.


If I am to summarize the food experience and the taste in a word, it would be gingery. Bohol’s cuisine is characterized by the use of a lot of ginger, lemongrass and a turmeric. So here's what Amorita's Saffron Restaurant made for me that evening. Let's start the food adventure!


For starters I was served Chicken Binakol, a delicious chicken soup dish with the use of coconut meat and water to make it a little bit sweet-salty. Also they served me Kinilaw na Gusto or Seaweeds.


For the main course, it was Chicken Halang Halang, which is made of slowly cooked chicken breast, Bohol style, in chili, lots of shredded coconut meat, lemongrass and ginger. Fish Sinanglay, steamed fish wrapped in pechay cooked in coconut milk or gata.


Another treat from the chef was Balbacua, which was made from oxtail and trotters, again with the usual Bohol flare, an undertone of tumeric and ginger. It was soft and a little crunchy, and its sauce, really tasty. Takla or Crayfish in Coconut Cream followed. These crayfish come from the mangrove forests of Bohol. It was like eating shrimp or lobsters but with that Bohol kick. Lastly, they made me try the Tortang Boholana, fried eggplant with ground meat, eggs, onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes.


For dessert, they served Turon de Bohol, which is caramelized banana in fried lumpia wrapper with ice cream and cherry on top.


Amorita’s Saffron Restaurant and Bar cooked up a feast for my senses, with a special Boholano Cuisine, which, admittedly, is something new to me. It was a whole set of different Boholano dishes that appeared before my eyes. After I devoured and tasted everything, I can say that I enjoyed dinner! Thank you :)



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