Tuesday, February 14, 2012

J.Co Donuts & Coffee Philippines opens this March 15, 2012

Remember my post last year, "J.CO Donuts and Coffee will soon invade the Philippines!"? Well, it is nearing its March 15, 2012 opening at The Strip in SM Megamall, and everyone is very excited about J.Co Donuts & Coffee's opening in the Philippines. In the meantime, its really soft, melt-in-your-mouth, and yummy donuts are slowly invading foodies and food bloggers' hearts, and becoming a really big hit.


J.Co Donuts & Coffee Philippines has a lot to offer. They have a variety of premium flavored donuts to choose from. My favorite and their bestseller is the Alcapone, which is made of chocolate and almonds. One can never go wrong with that combination. They also have different flavors such as the "Heaven Berry (Strawberry heaven, made with strawberries and cream), Choco Caviar, Cheese Me Up (sweet-savory delight), Why Nut (American peanut butter filling and premium white chocolate topping), Green Tease (Matcha green tea imported from Japan), Choco Loco and a lot more."


Last week, another delivery was made by two of J.Co Donuts & Coffee's baristas to my office. I was thinking that they will bring me more of the J.Co Donuts love, because since then, I craved for more of their donuts. This time, my surprise was different, but equally indulging and really yummy.

Meet, J.Co Donuts & Coffee's J.PoPs baby donuts (small bite, big taste). At first sight, I was really amazed because I was seeing these cute little round donuts inside the box. You really can't help but want to preserve the donuts because of its size and colors, but I know that I have waited long enough to taste another of J.Co's donuts.

Do not be fooled by these bite-sized J.Co Donuts because they are packed with the same kick, flavor and deliciousness its big brother's made of. It bursts with flavors as you pop one of them in your mouth. Not to mention, it's also soft and melt-in-your-mouth goodness, which won't make you stop until you actually finish the whole box (restraint is hard).

J.PoPs Baby Donuts3J.PoPs Baby Donuts

I really can't wait for J.Co Donuts & Coffee! March 15, please come soon :)


  1. wow, this looks good. nice presentation too.

  2. Lucky them they haven't received much criticism like Selecta's Magnum does.



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