Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Edible Art in Cakes by Swell Sweets

Can you guess who this is? Yes, you've guessed right. It's a giveaway, because of the names of the two senators below. It's Senate President and Impeachment Court presiding officer Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

Yesterday was his birthday, and Swell Sweets, together with Solar News, presented the honorable JPE with a birthday cake. It was not any ordinary cake because it looked like this... The whole impeachment court mock-up, complete with all the senator-judges, with the celebrant, oh, and the lead prosecutor Niel Tupas and lead defense Serafin Cuevas. Fun! :)

This was Senator Juan Ponce Enrile being presented his edible art birthday cake by Swell Sweets. :) Happy 88th Mr. Senate-President! Good health and long life. Hehe. And now, let's get back to business. :)

All photos are taken from Swell Sweets' Facebook page.

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