Saturday, February 18, 2012

Alchemy's Macaroon Magic

If you are looking for something special, extraordinary, and even magical to try out, then "Alchemy is your portal to a sweet otherworldly experience. With an enchanting array of delightful confections, you’d wonder what mystery goes on in the kitchen," says Meryl Go, the owner and maker of Alchemy's fresh, flavorful and yummy macaroons! :)


I got to try Alchemy's Macaroons recently, thanks to Meryl, who sent me some of the magical macaroons. It was a perfect gift to share during Valentine's but it doesn't hurt to give it out as gifts or as a surprise even after hearts day.

Flavors to choose from: Dark Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry White Chocolate, Passionfruit Milk Chocolate, Green Tea White Chocolate, Red Hots Ganache, Coffee Caramel Ganache, Chai Spice, Banana Walnut, Peanut Caramel, and Salted Caramel. Everything is sweet, flavorful and good! The filling really gives a kick to the whole experience and taste.


The macaroons sell for Php40 a piece. Box of 4 (Red Hots, Passion Fruit, Coffee Caramel & Green Tea) is for Php155, while a Box of 6 (Red Hots, Passion Fruit, Coffee Caramel, Green Tea, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry) is for Php225.


Meryl, who honed her pastry skills in Singapore, finally unveils Alchemy. Her own brand of exquisite desserts embodies the unparalleled combination of originality and creativity with a touch of magic.

As the sweet du jour of France, Macaroons have won the hearts of fastidious eaters all over the world. Now Manila can be just as blessed with Alchemy’s premium macaroons in enchanting flavors.


For orders call +6329178963795 at least 3 days in advance of pick-up date. Macarons are only available for pick-up. You can also email her at


  1. Yummy Pix! What is the size of the macaroons in diameter?

    1. Hmm.. good question. I think, if I am not mistaken, around 2 inches? or 2 1/2?

  2. Diameter is about 1.5 inches :)



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