Thursday, December 22, 2011

J.CO Donuts and Coffee will soon invade the Philippines!

J.CO Donuts and Coffee, the "fastest growing donut and coffee chain in South East Asia," is coming to the Philippines, and will open its first branch at The Strip in SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City this coming February 16, 2012 March 15, 2012!


This international premium brand, which comes from Indonesia, will open its doors to Filipinos with a refreshing new twist in the lifestyle cafe scene, and will surely send Pinoys lining up for their freshly made, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth donuts and Italian brewed coffee.

Using only the best ingredients found around the world, such as Belgian chocolates, Californian almonds, American honey, New Zealand cheese, and Japanese Matcha green tea, J.CO's donuts are created perfectly delectable.

Yesterday, three boxes of these delicious J.CO donuts found their way to my office, thanks to Alvene Ngo, and the Philippine franchisee of J.CO Donuts & Coffee, the "popular food chain that is fast sweeping across the Orient."


Assorted donuts, which include Heaven Berry (Strawberry heaven, made with strawberries and cream), Choco Caviar, Cheese Me Up (sweet-savory delight), Why Nut (American peanut butter filling and premium white chocolate topping), Green Tease (Matcha green tea imported from Japan), Choco Loco and a lot more.


One box of Alcapone, J.CO's signature product, where white Belgian Chocolate meets crunchy Californian almonds! Truly the BESTSELLER! :)


J.CO's popularity boomed overnight, opening its first store back in 2005 in Jakarta. Since then, J.CO quickly followed with 100 more outlets spread throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and more recently, Shanghai, China. Now, J.CO is here in the Philippines!

You definitely should not miss out on J.CO, the latest craze to hit Manila, and its opening next year! There is a special treat for the first 200 customers to visit the store starting 9am. Tag your friends along for a chance to get something extra special from J.CO Philippines.

P.S. Can I just say that (without any B.S.) this will definitely be a hit in the Philippines because of its delicious and really soft, yummy, tasty donuts (WINNER sa sarap!). Oh, and it's not too sweet, but the flavors play and blend really well.


  1. i'm so excited! tried this at singapore and it's so yummy!

  2. hi! the green tea donut in the picture is not Miss Green T but Green Tease. It's filled with green tea cream filling. :)

  3. im sure Filipinos will love the donuts especially because of their catchy names! see you there!

  4. The green tease is already teasing me to try it XD Can't wait.

  5. hey when do they open in megamall?

  6. Opening on March 16 already. Date got moved. :)

  7. can't wait ....i am so addicted with their donuts awesome !!!!!



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