Friday, September 30, 2011

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's CBTL single serve beverage system

I usually start my day with a cup of coffee, which I brew, or get at at the nearest coffee shop. Nearing the end of the day though, I interchange my coffee intake with some tea selection. Admittedly, I am a Starbucks fan. :) But, more importantly, I am a coffee lover.

Recently, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf presents "the future of coffee and tea," as they say, through a personalized, single-serve, coffee and tea beverage system called the CBTL. CBTL is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Caffitaly's combination of flavor and taste with Italian design and espresso making expertise. Ooohh!

Red Kaldi

"The CBTL was created as a response to how The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf understands and anticipates the needs of its customers. The growth of the specialty coffee industry in the last few years has been overwhelming, but consumption trends and customer desires have also shifted," expains Walden Chu, president of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines. "Customers want the same cafe experience beyond the time they spend in our stores, and we want to make sure that we give it to them while staying true to everything that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stands for," he adds.

Silver Kaldi

CBTL delivers only the world's top 1% of specialty grade arabica coffee and tea through a complete beverage system. People will get to enjoy espresso, americano, cappuccino, flavored lattes, brewed coffee and tea, tea lattes as well as the hot vanilla and chocolate options that they have come to know and love from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

"The same flavor, taste and consistency that you expect from any hot drink you purchase from our stores is what you get from CBTL. One perfect cup, with just a single push of a button," says Walden.

Blue Kaldi

Current selection offers four brewed coffee and four espresso varients, as well as four of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's top selling tea blends, with the promise of more to come. (Brewed: French, Viennese, House, House Decaf; Espresso: Italian, Premium, Continental, Premium Decaf; Tea: Chai, English Breakfast, Tropical Passion, Moroccan Mint)

The capsules, readily available across all branches, are all vacuum-sealed to maintain freshness and full flavor; and once inserted to the machine, dispenses a steaming drink in less than 30-seconds.


The Kaldi - A more vibrant incarnation of the classic style, the Kaldi stands out with its dynamic colors and designs that bears its own distinct personality. The Kaldi comes in four different colors - Red, Blue, Silver and Gold, each has its own personality and appeal.

CBTL_Walden Chu_image

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