Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crazy Katsu along Maginhawa

While driving down Maginhawa Street in Teachers Village, Quezon City with my family last week to satisfy our craving for Moon Leaf Milk Tea, we saw this brightly lit restaurant, Crazy Katsu, which, judging by its name, is a Japanese restaurant. We wanted to try it, but we already ate dinner that time.

C360_2011-09-23 21-28-51

I got the chance to try it some days ago, after work, with my colleague/friend Ly. We were hungry and craving, and decided to try Crazy Katsu, for the first time. Parking might be a problem, if Maginhawa is jam-packed with diners, but I am sure you will be able to find a parking spot. Patience is a virtue. :)

C360_2011-09-23 20-53-15C360_2011-09-23 20-53-36

We were really hungry by the time we got to Quezon City, so we went straight to ordering. I got the Chicken Katsu, while Ly ordered the Tonkatsu. We also ordered the Gyoza. All orders of the "Katsu" came with a bowl of rice. The Chicken Katsu is fried boneless chicken strips, really spicy because of the chopped chili on top of it, marinated with a sour-spicy sauce over a bed of chopped cabbage. The food was good, nothing extraordinary, but for the price, it is something worth trying.

C360_2011-09-23 21-11-13_org

Ly got the Tonkatsu, which she says is okay. Nothing special, but I guess it satisfied her hunger. Fried pork strips, over a bed of chopped cabbage. It came with rice. Tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo were also served, which the customer gets to put them on top of the food, as much as he/she wants.

C360_2011-09-23 21-05-51_org

Crazy Katsu is located at #81 Unit I Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village U.P., 1101 Diliman, Philippines. You can contact them at +632-435-0030. I would suggest that after you eat at Crazy Katsu, you go a few blocks down to Moon Leaf Tea Shop to try out their milk tea selection, which you would definitely go back for. ;)

C360_2011-09-23 21-07-23

All Photos are taken using an HTC Chacha, and the Camera360 application. Sorry for the quality of the shots.


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