Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family is Love: Stella's Christening and Sambokojin

I am writing about my family today, yes, because family is love, and we should celebrate love in all its forms! It was Stella's (my cousin Denise's daughter) Christening yesterday, so it is reason to gather and celebrate, of course! We had lunch right after at Sambokojin in Eastwood. It was my first time to try the restaurant, and it was better than I was really good! :)


Sambokojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill is a grill all you can, eat all you can place where you find the "ultimate pleasure of camaraderie dining," as their website says. They serve US beef, assorted seafood, Japanese sushi and specialties, and Korean specialties. Yummm. "The ritual of grilling enhanced, the merging of cuisines celebrated, the mastery of Japanese and Korean craftsmanship acclaimed."

It is obviously a Japanese x Korean mix, not like any other eat all you can place out there. They are comparing it to YakiMix, but frankly, I have not been to the latter, so I would not know. What I know is that I like the food and the ambiance of Sambokojin, and I will definitely come back and celebrate food and love family/friends.

Interesting Facts: Sambo Kojin is a Japanese kitchen god with three heads and two pairs of hands. "Bearer of fire, protector of the hearth, watcher of the household, keeper of the brotherhood."


Before I forget, the star of the day, Stella, with her mom, Denise, and her aunt, Gretchen. YES, aunt. Auntie Jen, we are getting older! O_O Anyway, Stella's so cute, tiny and adorable. Can't wait for her to grow up as tall as her mother? :)) "Land of the giants" part 2? Go, go, go!


Another notable circumstance, Ima Tising (left) just arrived in the Philippines from Taiwan, and our ever so fashionista and lovely grandmother, whom we love so much and fondly call "Mimi" and not lola, just picked her up from the airport and brought her to the party. Yay for reunions! :)



The photo above is an attempt to feature Tippi's huge Swatch watch called "The Opulence," which is part of the three Jeremy Scott Swatch Collection (see photo below), and Lu Jean's humongous flower ring. I, on the other hand, just flashed my phone, an HTC Chacha, because I do not have anything to show. Fierce shot daw sabi ni Lu Jean. No one told me so. Boo! Anyway, I like the Lightning Swatch, of the three. Who agrees? ;)


The cousins: Earvin, Tippi, Jason, Me, Lester, Justin, Adi, Jao, Gretch, Lujean, Jaja and Carol.


Take 2 (with partners, and the next generation): Earvin, Migo, Chris, Sean, Gio, Jason, Jaja, Me, Carol, Lester, Adi, Gretch, Justin, Lujean, Jao, Stella and Denise.


Not in the photo but present: Tippi and Jones :)
Not in the photo: AJ, Tin, Chay and Cheryll

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