Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Christmas with the Absolute Cousins

We have all grown-up now. Not so long ago, we were still playing games (as in real contest - question and answer portion, and dance/sing-offs). We were being giddy and competitive just to get the prizes and ang bao. But now that we're all (almost) of legal age, all we do together is eat, DRINK, tell stories of our girlfriends and boyfriends (or the lack of one) and our escapades (oh, and work..), and reminisce on those days when we were little.

We were almost complete last 24th; except for Tippi, who's in Hong Kong with her fiance; Achie Denise, who has her shift that night; and Achie Cheryll, who's living in the U.S. Nonetheless, we had fun with each other, and of course, we enjoyed the great food, which can never go wrong, thanks to our lolas, Mimi and Ima Ned.

P.S. We super miss Auntie Nancy too!!! :(

The Boys - Justin, Me, Adi and Jason

The Girls - Tin, Luj and Gretch + AJ


My cuz Luj brought some dessert, which I helped cook. It's made of fried mangoes and cream cheese in lumpia wrapper rolled in cinnamon and sugar. It's made of love, I tell you. I must recreate this soon! :P


  1. Recreate and then gimme! :D hahahaha!

  2., I actually miss Denise now, even though she was going to inject me with water to overcome my fear of needles! \(>_<)/



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