Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Daddy's Chicken (大雞排): Taiwan's Famous Crispy Chicken Chop


Big Daddy's Chicken (大雞排) just opened its Mall of Asia branch a few days ago to serve Taiwan's famous crispy chicken chops to the public. It was fortunate that we saw the brightly lit orange store which opened on that day, when we were looking around for a place to have lunch. Mind you, from the outside, it smelled really good - it will make you go curious about the food. We checked out the menu, and decided to try it, and blog about it.

Their bestseller, as indicated in the menu below, is the chicken chop (Php 80); but since we were really hungry that time, we decided to go for the original chicken chop with rice and mushroom soup (Php 90). To our delight, it tasted really good. I hope to go back soon and try the chicken chop with creamy pasta (Php 95)


BDC Crew chopping our Crispy Chicken Chop for lunch :)


Big Daddy's Chicken Bestseller the Original Chicken Chop, with rice and soup. You can have the chicken chop in a variety of flavors (Chili, Nori, Lemon or Pizza), or 2 flavors mixed in one order. I like the original the best.


Big Daddy's Chicken Beverages - African Red Bush Tea (Php 30) and the Iced Green Tea (Php 30). Personally, and I think my best friend would agree with me, I like the Iced Green Tea more. I really can't wait to go back! :)

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