Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yummy Korean Ice Cream


We saw this Korean "refreshing premium ice cream" with Espresso and Berrymix as its flavors, selling at Php 50 a pack. We tried it, and we liked it very much. I'm sure everyone will enjoy this truly refreshing and yummy treat. The problem however is where you'll find this ice cream. I guess with Korean sari-sari stores sprouting here and there, it wouldn't be much of problem looking for it. Would you know?


  1. i super love korean "junk" food, the ice creams, candies, chips... yuuum... :) hahahaha there's a korean grocery in timog! kahilera ng savory :D

  2. cool!! i think i'll look for that one when we drop by a korean grocery! we love buying the choco, strawberry or banana milk there.. and Pepero with ALmonds! :D



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