Monday, June 14, 2010

Stick House Pistachio with Chocolate and Almonds


Stick House is one of the recent ice cream craze which appeared in the malls. They offer gelato ice cream on a stick! For the base ice cream, you can choose from Premium, Regular or Sorbet Flavors. Under Premium, they have Coffee (Php 80) and Pistachio (Php 80). Under Regular (Php 70), they have Milk Cream, Chocolate and Gianduia and under Sorbet (Php 60), they have Mango and Strawberry.

They also provide toppings for you to customize your dessert treat. They have Almonds, Hazelnuts, or Coffee at Php 25 (Full) and Php 15 (Half), and Pistachio at Php 40 (Full) and Php 25 (Half); and Chocolate Dips: White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate at Php 35 (Full) and Php 20 (Half).



  1. Me and my friend just craved for a yogurt the last time we went to SM MEGAMALL..However, the taste of the yogurt that they currently have was sour..So we continued to walk and passed by this StickHouse... We tried chocolate and Pistachio... ANd OH.... Yummy ...It tastes really really good hehe :) We went back to buy one

  2. may I know the contact number of stick house?



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