Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Frozen Swirls


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines is now introducing a new way to enjoy their signature Espresso and Ice Blended flavors, swirled together with their premium frozen yogurt. FROZEN SWIRL, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's exclusive line of frozen yogurt is 99% Fat Free, low in calories and cholesterol, and is a good source of protein and calcium. They guarantee that they're the best frozen yogurt you'll ever taste.

I ordered the Classic Vanilla, Caramel Affogato flavor. It was a different twist to what we normally taste in frozen yogurt. It had this kick of espresso, which I liked, but isn't that sure that it goes well with the sourness of the yogurt. The price isn't that affordable compared to other Frozen Yogurts. Nonetheless, I liked it. I have yet to try their other concoctions - I hope it's a lot better.


CBTL's Frozen Swirl is now available at Eastwood Mall, Greenhills Promenade, Four Seasons Salcedo, and The Power Plant Mall


  1. Hazelnut flavor is better. Just say "Awesome" to the barista and they know it already. :) A CBTL fan here too.

  2. cbtl fan here too! there coffee is way better than sb, not to mention their nice place. i just hope that they make their wifi free soon!

  3. Wow I should try this. Didn't know they had this. ;-)

  4. @Simply Effortless: Hmm. Will try it soon! Thanks! :)

    @journeyingjames: well debatable :) place hands down, they have wifi! :) if you're a fan, a swirl card's just great to have

    @rjpebs: go try it!

  5. yeah.. uhm, the price?? :D



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