Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bonifacio Global City Food Tour - Pasto and Establishment


Last stop was Pasto, a good Italian resto in the Metro. It started in 2001, and was a good mid-range Italian Food. We ate all of these (photos above): Crostini with Pomodoro Salsa, Creamy Spinach and Chicken Pate; Pasta Genovese - Capellini with shrimps, arugula, pesto and nuts in a tomato cream sauce; Di Carne, which is an all-meat pizza; and Bianca, pesto based pizza with all kinds of seafood. :)


After that was Establishment. I had to leave earlier, so I just took a photo of Ivan's cue cards of Establishment and what they were serving the participants.


  1. where in the fort is this? looks so tasty =p is this at the fort strip? yumyum!

  2. hi! :) yeah it's in the old fort strip :) it's really tasty!



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