Thursday, February 25, 2010

President's Tea House in SM North EDSA Annex

President's Tea House, a restaurant originally from Binondo, Manila, can now be found in the newly opened SM North EDSA Annex. I would think that since the Binondo branch was under renovation for a long time, they expanded to the north, to cater to more people.

Last week, my uncle and I tried the branch because Binondo's too far and we haven't eaten there for the longest time. I didn't want to order for us both, so my uncle did the ordering. We got Hakaw (of course), which was great as ever. We got some more dimsum, which included a Japanese Siomai.

We also ordered a special Scallop Fried Rice, MaBo Tofu and Steamed Fish Fillet. The MaBo Tofu was surprisingly very tasty. The pork was soft and easily chewed, while the sauce was flavorful. The Steamed Fish Fillet didn't taste awful or smell like it was beginning to rot. It was perfectly smooth and it easily melted in your mouth.



  1. We frequently visit SM Annex and wanted to try President's there. But ayun, napunta kami sa Mooon Cafe. Have you tried it? Thanks for this review, baka matuloy na kami. :)

  2. Maanghang ba yung Ma Po tofu? =)
    Have you done a review na ba Bong sa Fish and Co.? hehe

  3. @Simply Effortless: Cool! Try it! Mooon Cafe is ok too, but President's is better :)))

    @migs: Yup! But I guess you can ask them to lessen or put more :P Fish and Co, I think :))) Not that sure

  4. Dated today Nov.29, 2010 my wife and I ate at a restaurant at PRESIDENT’S TEA HOUSE in SM NORTH EDSA ANNEX, Much to our surprise the service we get was terrible dissatisfied. We even received a food order that is somehow unsatisfactory, there is unwanted thing (STONE) mixed with there Yeoung Chow Fried Rice that causes my wife teeth to break. We complain it to Manager on duty unfortunately we only received an apology,he didn't even try to offer for a medical support for what happen. To the OWNER and Management of this restaurant we may suggest to conduct a thorough investigation regarding on this incident, an APOLOGY from the Manager on duty cannot bring back the damage that they’ve done to my wife teeth because of there negligence.So I suggest to all MADLANG PEOPLE to think twice before you enter to this Restaurant or else you might end up to same bad experience we had.

  5. dimsum here is terrible

  6. last january 9, 2011, we had lunch at Prseident Tea House SM Annex Bldg, we encountered "IPIS" at our young chow fried rice. The "Ipis" structure is still intact and also the scalop with broccoli with "UUOD on top of the scalop. WE ARE VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED, THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE PRESIDENT TEA HOUSE RESTAURANT DID NOT DO ANYTHING BUT TO SAY "WE APOLOGIZED" , THEY SHOULD BE THANKFUL , WE (9 people) WERE NOT POISONED.....



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