Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beng Villamil, Ton Bacungan and KAISA sa University Student Council

2 more days to go before the University Student Council elections in the University of the Philippines - Diliman. It's a year now since I won as one of the 12 councilors in the USC, the highest student organ in charge of 22,000 UP students, and supposedly their rights and welfare. It was a year full of ups and downs. It's tough, but we survived. It's time to pass on the torch to the young bloods. Who am I going to entrust the USC and almost 23,000 students, Iskolars ng Bayan? Of course to someone I trust and I know to have the best intentions and qualifications for the job.

Beng and Ton

My vote goes to Beng Villamil, incumbent College of Science Student Council Chairperson for USC Chairperson and to Ton Bacungan, incumbent Engineering Student Council Councilor for USC Vice-Chairperson. Beng is the only one who has handled and led a student council, he has the most number of experience in student service, and the brightest and most talented in the bunch if not at least at par with the other two. Ton, on the other hand is very much intelligent, diligent, experienced, hard-working, and most of all very humble. He is not a brat.

Since both have handled or been part of the Student Councils of the College of Science and the College of Engineering, the two largest colleges in the University, respectively, we could see the support both colleges have given to the two. [College of Science Statement of Support for Beng Villamil][College of Engineering Support for Beng Villamil and Ton Bacungan]

Capping everything off with the USC Debate Forum, we could clearly see who emerged to be the fittest or the best for the job. It's Beng Villamil and Ton Bacungan.

Also, let's remember the United Councilors of Beng and Ton. Tbacz Bactol, Marielle Bordado, Ranel Cheng, Chorva David, Marvee dela Resma, Val Inting, KKK-Kriska Kalingking, Gino Leynes, Cams Maranan and Pat Tobias.

Together with them are our College Representatives to the USC. Gumi Gumilla for the College of Architecture, Cyrus Cruz for the College of Engineering, Mela Abesamis for the College of Home Economics, Gelo Flores for the College of Human Kinetics, Jeric Cruz for the College of Law, Des Ico for the National College of Public Administration and Governance, Rey Reyes for the College of Science, and JC Danganan for the Asian Institute of Tourism.

These are our candidates, and I pledge and assure you that they're the best for the job, and that they will work hard for you, the students of the University of the Philippines - Diliman, as they have had in the past. They bring with them their own strengths, weaknesses, personalities and experiences in this journey. Let's VOTE for them this coming February 24.


Move Forward with YouSC

Our goal is a USC that moves forward in building a new culture of leadership and service in our University.

To achieve this goal, we propose a balanced and feasible General Program of Action (GPOA) that empowers you, the iskolar, through worthwhile activities. We offer relevant projects and practical services that enhance the quality of your UP experience. And we provide timely campaigns and advocacies that motivate your idealism to serve the country.

KAISA has always been at the front of providing an innovative, inclusive and responsive GPOA. This year, we uphold our reputation of platform excellence through a GPOA that brings us together to move forward with a USC built on your trust, a USC fueled by your ideals, a USC that stands for you.

This elections, let’s move forward and make the USC a true YouSC.

Rise to the Challenge! Move forward, make it happen!


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