Monday, December 7, 2009

Youth with Sen. Chiz Escudero

Just recently, members of Youth for Chiz (Youth for Change!) had a small dinner get-together with the Senator himself. He explained to us why he decided not to run, reiterated why he bolted out from NPC, discussed about his future plans as a Senator, and where he wants us, the youth, to go from here.

I saw in my members' eyes that they understood where he was coming from. I can surmise that that night, not only that they learned more about him, but also, they got the chance to understand more about his decisions in the past and see his person, his relaxed and informal self.

I get it. I guess that it is through us, those who he gets to interact more, that people will get to know the real Chiz, the other side of him, beyond what the Media and or critics have shaped or accused him to be. It's through us, the youth, that other people may get to know who he really is, his vision, and his plans for our country.

I share with him his ideals and ideas of a principled run and giving and showing that every Filipino has one vote..that even if you're the richest or the poorest Pinoy, come election day, you're just the same. You have the same power to choose who will lead us, and where we will go from thereon. It's a matter of using that power wisely.

Youth with ChizDec 2 09 Y4C Thanksgiving dinner All IN 12IMG_0494IMG_0512

*First 2 photos courtesy of Bam :) Thanks!


  1. my friend saw this and he said kaingit kasama nya si Chiz. haha..he's generally cool

  2. hahah he wants to meet Chiz? Baka he wants to join YFORC? i'll arrange another meet with Chiz, maybe he can join :P game?



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