Friday, December 18, 2009

University of the Philippines Lantern Parade 2009


Last year was the Centennial Lantern Parade, and this was the float/lantern of my college, the National College of Public Administration and Governance, depicting two heroes defeating red tape, corruption in government, crab mentality, and other ills we find in government service. This year's theme is a little bit different, focusing on environmental issues our country and the world are facing. Now, as to what my college has in store, it'll be nice I can assure you. I won't spoil the fun, so be there later 4pm in the University of the Philippines, Diliman, to witness exciting lanterns and floats. :) You can view the live streaming here courtesy of the UP Computer Center and the UP Diliman Interactive Learning Center through its isktreaming service.

Lantern Parade's History

The UP Lantern Parade has a rich history, dating back to 1922, when UP was still in Padre Faura in Manila City. Since then, the tradition was upheld and still celebrated until today. It signals the end of classes and ushers the Christmas break for the students. It has been one of the events before Christmas the students really prepare for and celebrate with the whole community.
Lanterns were first paraded by University of the Philippines students, faculty, employees, and campus residents way back in 1922 in the Padre Faura, Manila campus. The practice is said to have come from a Filipino custom during Spanish times when people going to church to attend the traditional Misa de Gallo carried specially designed lanterns to light their way.

The College of Music would have a choreographed band and the UP Babaylan would parade in a mock beauty contest. In recent years, the presentation of the College of Fine Arts has become the festivity’s piece de resistance. The whole college takes months to conceptualize its lanterns and their presentation. (which still happens up to today)

A much-awaited annual event, the UP Lantern Parade has come to symbolize how UP constituents, residents, alumni, and friends gather together to present the best they have to offer while celebrating the holidays as one community. (Jo Florendo B. Lontoc)

2nd Photo courtesy of Joseph Pascual



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