Monday, December 21, 2009

Sol Gelato at The Venice Piazza

After our dinner in Little Asia at The Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio, we trooped for dessert at Sol Gelato, the newest Gelato parlor in town.

They have more than 12 flavors to choose from (Coconut, Strawberry, Green Apple, Ferrero Rocher, Mascarpone, Tiramisu, Almond, Mango, Green Tea, etc). You don't have to worry because all of them are really rich and yummy. I've tried all of them thanks to owner Kathlenn Gaw. :) I heard that they have new flavors in store for everyone (I have to come back soon and try them)

PistachioFerrero Rocher

Aside from the gelato (which costs 95 pesos for the small container and 150 for the bigger one, and 160 for the sugar cone), they have a mix of the gelato and pastries (Al Forno) - Carrot Cake Al Forno with Cream Cheese (Php 195), Banana Walnut (Php 195), and the Molten Chocolate (Php 225).


Lastly, but definitely not the least (because this instantly became my favorite), the Affogato (Php 150) - Coffee Espresso and 2 scoops of gelato of your choice (you mix the espresso with the gelato to have a very delicious drink) XD




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