Monday, December 21, 2009

Goodles: Pasta on the Go!

To get a really good pasta nowadays means that you have to go in and eat at a casual sit-down to a posh fine dining establishment, with an atmosphere or ambiance of being in Italy, and usually ranging above 200 pesos for a dish. Goodles is a new establishment in 4/F Robinson's Galleria near Movieworld that aims to serve pasta dishes on-the-go, without compromising the quality of the food. It is an urban noodle-to-go shop offering delicious, healthy and filling meals in the form of unique pasta creations you can get fast and freshly-cooked.

GoodlesGoodles To GoGarlic Shrimp and Chorizo

Thanks to Sharlene Tan, owner and the brains behind this very hip, creative and yummy idea, we were able to try her menu. As of today, they serve 10 great pasta concoctions (Chicken Vodka, Creamy Sausage and Mushroom, Garlic Shrimp and Chorizo, Goodles Classic, Grape Carbonara, Mediterranean Tuna, Moroccan Beef, Salsa Rossa Shrimp, Seven Layer Lasagna and Spinach Pesto) Surely, there's one that would suit your taste. For me, I like everything! XD

Mediterranean TunaChicken Vodka

The Mediterranean Tuna (left) is made of Mediterranean-inspired tuna sauce with black olives and capers, drizzled with garlic-flavored olive oil and served on top of hot linguine noodles. I like it spicy. The Chicken Vodka (right) on the other hand is made up of farfalie noodles with cubes of chicken, ham and black olives in a mouthwatering vodka-infused cream sauce, topped with bits of parsley and Parmesan cheese.

Seven Layer LasagnaSalsa Rossa Shrimp

The Seven Layer Lasagna (left) is of extra special cheeses with towering layers of chunky meat sauce and bechamel with gooey mozzarella cheese; while the Salsa Rossa Shrimp (right) is made of penne pasta sauteed in creamy tomato sauce with juicy white shrimps and sweet basil and fresh mozzarella. Some likes this spicy.

Moroccan BeefGrape Carbonara

Last pair but definitely not the least are the Moroccan Beef, hearty Moroccan beef sauce slowly simmered in a flavorful mix of herbs and spices tossed into linguine noodles, drizzles on top with cream, cheese sauce and chopped chives; and the Grabe Carbonara, mushroom and bacon cream sauce done carbonara-style tossed with conchiglie pasta and green grapes for a juicy bust of sweetness, topped with bacon bits!

Prices of the pasta dishes range from Php 125 to Php 170 only. :)


  1. mouthwatering... *yumm* gotta try this soon!

  2. Ok nagutom ako bigla. I want to go here! Let's go? :P

  3. i would go crazy kung may pesto o_O lol

  4. @Jhoenkid: may pesto!!! XD

    @Mica: Game! :P

  5. WHOAH!!! i want all of those!!! Salivating pasta!

  6. was able to try it, finally... loved the spicy meditteranean tuna pasta.. sana they can have more branches.. the fort perhaps? :D



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