Monday, November 23, 2009

Ang The Batutues, at iba pa.

BLOGGER DISCLAIMER and RATING (R-16): The videos you are about to see contains words that are not suitable for young audiences. Lewd or sexual utterances may be expected. Parental Guidance may be necessary. Or not. ^^

Yesterday, I was surprised to learn that a group of artists, passionate at reviving the art of verbal jousting, commonly known in Filipino as Balagtasan, existed, and is great at it. This is my tribute to them, for showing me and reviving my passion to write and share my thoughts in Filipino. I might not be as good as them when I speak, but at least on paper, in my own words, I will be able to spark and idea, a creation, a life outside the box, and inside the hearts of many.


Ngayong gabing 'to, matutunghayan ninyo,
Dax Cutab, Siege Malvar at Gene Abrajano.

Walang masasabi ang sipag at tiyaga,
o galing at talino ng ibang grupo,
o litanya man ng kanilang artista,
sa diwa at puso, kanilang pambato,
sa laro ng angkin at mga salita.

The Batutes, matatawag sa kanila,
From 'da original king of Balagtasan,
Si Jose Corazon de Jesus a.k.a.
Huseng Batute, ang kapita-pitagan.

Mga batutero, bibigyan tayo
ng konting patikim. Pagpasyahan ninyo,
kung totoo lahat ng sinasabi ko.

Heto, pagmasdan n'yo ang isang video,
kung saan silang dalawa'y magtatalo.

Kung si John Lloyd Cruz ba, o si Papa Piolo?


According to their Facebook page, The Batutes is a "performance art group composed of GP Abrajano, Dako Cutab, and Siege Malvar. Having named themselves after the original king of Balagtasan, Jose Corazon de Jesus a.k.a. Huseng Batute, the trio aims to revitalize the Filipino verbal joust in metered rhyme by infusing their own brand of humor and poetics to the traditional structure of Balagtasan. They have performed in various venues all over the metropolis, and are now hard at work on their first collection of Balagtasan."

This is the rest of the video (again, I caution those who may be offended by lewd or sexual utterances, play at your own risk). :P

P.S. The verbal jousting at House of Runes was just done impromptu, and by special request, without audience, therefore this is not their A-game. It was just for fun, for our own pleasure. Hehehe

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