Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One step back, Two steps forward - Graduation Pictures

Graduation Pictures

Last Monday, we were scheduled at the National College of Public Administration and Governance for our graduation picture-taking. Barbs, Tenai, Reg, and I were the first ones that day. Since I was the only guy, my hair and face were finished way earlier than the girls. I was the first up with my Toga and Sablay shots. I waited for them to finish their shots before our creative shots.

I didn't came prepared with mine, so I had them think for me. The Agencie, our photographer, suggested a look, and I gave it a try. In the end, the make-up and the gluing for more than an hour paid-off, and I think I'll like my creative shot. As to what it was, wait and see :)

Barbie was Poison-Ivy, Athena was a Dance-master-diva with Marc, Reg didn't have any. Kent was stone-age-macho-man (or so I think). Chester was like Echo in his commercial, with wings. Dai was awesome as well!


  1. Where's your pic? Post it now :P

  2. hahaha! i will post it once i get it! :P

  3. Those are some seriously awesome creative shots. I regret not having mine done when I graduated, lol!



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