Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 SONA: Sana Totoo!

The 2009 SONA-SANA video seeks to provide a candid evaluation of the Arroyo presidency, which has, for the past seven SONAs, failed to provide an accurate assessment of the state of our nation.

In the video, which will be made available to the public via the internet, opposition Sen. Francis Joseph "Chiz" G. Escudero reports on how the president has failed to meet the very standards she set when she took over the presidency in 2001. And how despite holding her position for over eight years the country continues to suffer, particularly in the areas of education, job generation, food security, and good governance.

Aside from giving a somber account of the state of the nation, Sen. Escudero also points out what should have been done to address the country's myriad problems, and looks forward as he presents alternatives so that the questionable policies of the present administration can be rectified.

Video and text courtesy of jedmeva

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