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As CHED called off classes this Monday, due to "traffic that will be caused by the 95th celebration of the INC" and the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of GMA, I urge and challenge the UP System to suspend all its classes - from UP Diliman, UP Manila, UP Visayas, UP Los Banos, UP Mindanao, UP Baguio and the UP Open University, to all of its 12 campuses all over the Philippines.

The UP Diliman University Council, composed of assistant professors, associate professors and full professors and chaired by the Chancellor – "said that Macapagal-Arroyo’s attempt to remain in power and to escape accountability 'is an affront to the values (of) public accountability, transparency, honor, and excellence in service' which are held dearly at UP." In line with this, the UP Diliman professors denounce GMA’s con-ass in their latest statement.

The UC vowed to “oppose all attempts of GMA and her allies to convene an illegal constituent assembly and to prolong her rule,” stressing that “(t)he people should freely choose leaders that would truly represent the people’s interests.”

The University Student Council of UP Diliman, the other day, issued a statement vehemently condemning the upcoming SONA of GMA as a mere perpetuation of her lies and illusions.

Now that everything is clear and set, GMA will deliver her last "State of the Nation Address" on Monday. The fate of the country, which we all know, is still uncertain. I appeal to the UP System Administration and the UP Constituent Units and Campuses to call off classes and declare Monday as a National Day of protest!

"And we, too, shall be there— the proud, defiant and tireless Iskolar ng Bayan—to say once and for all, the curtain on GMA’s regime shall fall."

Join the July 27 SONA mobilization! Assembly at Quezon Hall at 10 am.

In the service of the UP students and of the Filipino nation,


Bong Ong
University Student Council - Councilor
University of the Philippines, Diliman

*If you believe in this, please sign your name above, and pls pass on to your network/ contacts. FOR DISSEMINATION: PLEASE PASS! :)

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