Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HR 1109 passed in Congress, Constituent Assembly by July

House of Representatives passed HR 1109 at 11:40pm. If no one stops them, Constituent Assembly may be called by July. People call this a day where congress made its own scandal.

House Resolution No. 1109 House Resolution No. 1109 mlq3 As if to answer Deputy Minority Leader Risa Hontiveros’ argument that Resolution 737 does not specify a mode by which to make changes to economic provisions, Speaker Nograles, along with 173 other House representatives, has produced Rep. Luis Villafuerte’s “ghost resolution”, now called Resolution 1109, like a rabbit out of a hat. The resolution calls upon the HOR to “convene for the purpose of considering proposals to amend or revise the constitution, upon a vote of three fourths of all the members of Congress”.

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1 comment:

  1. this HR 1109 will ruin the Philippine economy in the long run. Sure by removing the restraints for foreign investors to own land for their factories would increase job. It would also help our economy grow by a "small" factor through the labor that they hire. But in the long run this FDI's would ultimately end up monopolising the Philippine economy and we the Filipinos would just be laborers for foreigners. Although the idea of ammending the constitution is good, this economic provision they are proposing is quite extreme and i don't think our econmy could get out of this mess if they push through with this.



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