Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fr. Robbie Sian, SJ

Just last month, one of my high school CLE teachers/ first high school Jesuit teacher, Bro Robbie Sian, SJ (back then) was ordained (so he's Fr. Robbie Sian, SJ now) to be a priest. He was one of the first few Jesuit scholars (if not the first) that I looked up to. After he taught in Xavier, he went to Cambodia. Funny, before he left for Cambodia, I met him the last time when he was with his sister in SM Megamall. Call it chance, or God's plan, I met him a couple of times after he returned back to the Philippines, and got back in touch with recently.

Xavier School Director Fr. Johnny Go wrote in his Facebook:

Newly ordained priest, Fr. Robbie Sian, SJ, taught religion for two
years to high school students in Xavier School. Here he talks about
how he feels about being a new priest.

Father Robbie will be presiding at the annual Missioning Mass this
June 5th at 2 pm at the Angelo King Multi-Purpose Center in Xavier
School for all our Faculty and Staff. His friends and former students
are all invited. After the Mass, he will give the traditional new
priest's blessing to the guests.

Congratulations on your ordination, Father Robbie! We are proud of you
and pray for you as you go to your new mission in Sta. Maria Parish,
Iloilo. Luceat Lux!

Back when Fr. Robbie was my CLE teacher, he touched our lives and taught us religion well. He was no boring teacher, but instead, he made the subject really interesting for his students with his stories and life experiences. He is a man of faith and someone who I think will do just great wherever he is sent. I'm praying for you Father! :)

Video Interview by Fr. Johnny Go.

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  1. Xavier School is part of the Ateneo right? :) Oh, and I studied at Xavier University from CdO so I'm also an Atenean. :D

    I just pointed that out because, yeah, CL for me is not boring at all and my teachers made it fun as well! :D

    Now, I'm studying in La Salle Greenhills. Totally unrelated. =))

  2. Xavier's sister school is Ateneo. It isn't part of the Ateneo "group". Students who studied in Xavier, are called Xaverian. hehe

    So, are you Blue or Green? :P



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