Thursday, June 4, 2009

Recount of the Events in Bastusang Pambansa

We were supposed to meet with the UP Law, Akbayan, and Black and White contingent in St. Peter's Church and march to Batasan, but we decided to go directly to Congress. As Titus Tan said, they are already there. The action already started. Groups from Mendiola joined us in the protest. Even though there were differences, one thing's for sure, we didn't want what happened last night - railroading of HR 1109.


Laura, Karen and I left Titus with Student Regent-select Chaba, Jaque, Brandy and Amme, while we went inside congress to monitor the session for CARPER and Right of Reply Bill. We entered smoothly, went to Congresswoman VC's room, then proceeded to the HOR canteen.

While we were waiting in the canteen, everyone was startled when farmer-protesters from the outside coming from the north gate were running into the congress grounds followed by police with sheilds chasing them. I have heard people saying that they've rammed into the gates, and managed to go past security. I immediately texted USC Chair Titus Tan of what had happened. He replied, "Kame yun!". I immediately and discretely panicked, and started to call up people to ask for help.

Laura, Karen and I went through the north wing entrance of the Session Hall. During that time, they were already in front of the main entrance of the session hall. Only a glass door and the sliding door to the session hall were blocking the protesters from the congressmen. Entrance to the lower gallery/ inside the session hall was also limited to congressmen alone. Even chief of staffs and staff of congressmen were barred from going in. At one point, they even chained the entrance to the session hall, leaving the left sliding door open for congressmen.


They staged a program, leaders of the groups were able to talk. Laura, Karen and I monitored from the inside. Titus was with BJ and Merck, thankfully he was not alone. Suddenly, I saw a firetruck coming from the left, then buses coming from the right. This time, the three of us started to call everyone we knew. While I was looking for a congressman to help Titus out, we were calling for lawyers and others' help.

During this time, we were also careful of our actions inside. Although we had Congress Visitors ID, some of the police inside were suspicious of what our purpose were inside. We couldn't panic. We moved gracefully, while asking for help. Thankfully, Laura got word from Titus that they escaped out of the crowd and headed out of Congress. It ended that we didn't have to get lawyers and others' help. We were so relieved after that, we wanted to kick and punch Titus. (LOL)

Unfortunately, the farmers and the protesters were forced inside the 3 buses they used to gather them. I don't know, as of the moment, what happened to them. I hope they're okay.


I just talked to Titus, and he said that, after what happened earlier, "it was sorta fun." Facepalm and a slap to his head (diba?!) He was lucky. There were lucky to not be jailed or brought to the police station. Titus added of his experience, "Nakakatakot, pero it was good that we were there kasi apparently, mas hindi sasaktan ng mga pulis ang mga students." Apparently, when the police were staring to baton and hit the protesters, one policeman told Titus and the UP students with him to move away because he pitied them if they were to be hit.

Let us blog and post in all our social networking sites (Plurk, Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, etc) and register our opposition to the HR 1109, and ConAss

For more, I am ashamed of my Congresswomen, MARY ANN L SUSANO, 2nd District of Quezon City for supporting HR1109.

A lot of groups have already spoken against HR 1109, I ask, what has the University of the Philippines said about this issue? Where's the University Council at a time like this?

It is good to note that the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines reminded "the solons that young people will not hesitate to go out in the streets again to show their indignation of this government’s outright mockery of our country’s democratic institutions and processes." This was evident in earlier's mobilization by the different sectors, the UP Law Student Government, USC Chair Titus Tan together with other students and groups.

The University of the Philippines Diliman University Student Council will release its statement hopefully by today. Please watch out for it.

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    1. OK na sana kung hindi lang naiwan ang mga farmers nung nagkakaarestuhan na. I am assuming na may sumama naman sa grupo niyo?

    2. i am not anti con-ass and the more i am not for con-ass, but don’t you all think this is just a waste of time? these bloggings and eyeballs, rallies etc. di pa rin nila tayo marinig, at kung naririnig man tayo ng mga tao dyan sa House, still they don’t give a “D”. Because kahit na dumarami na ang sumisigaw sa kalye para ibasura ang con-ass, still there are politicians who obviously will walk side by side with us shouting anti-con-ass slogans, nagbabalat-kayo lamang for their own benefits. Di man lang sila marunong mahiya. Nakakawalang gana kung iisipin, nakakaawa kung titingnan ang mga Pilipino, laging naniniwala sa mga dalang pangako ng mga pulitiko, na alam naman nating mapapako lamang iyon, at patuloy pa rin tayong magbulag-bulagan, umaasa sa mga pangako nilang PAGBABAGO. Dahil ang pagbabago ay dapat magsimula sa ating sarili. Magpapa-uto pa rin ba tayo sa mga taong niluklok natin sa gobyerno? Pilipino ay madaling makalimot at madaling magpatawad.



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