Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dragon Ball Evolution at SM The Block's D-Cinema

Dragon Ball Premiere
Dragon Ball Evolution PremiereDragon Ball Evolution: Sheena's Pose

Kamehameha!!! :)

Earlier tonight was the red-carpet premiere of Dragon Ball Evolution at the D-Cinema of SM North EDSA's The Block. At first I was a little bit hesitant and at the same time really praying that the movie wouldn't disappoint. After I saw the movie, my uncle Martin, Sheena and me, were happy that it was a lot better than what we expected.

Before everything else, I must compliment the D-Cinema of SM North for having great visuals. Much has been said, and criticized, about the latest Dragon Ball movie in the various US movie-review blogs all over the net, but I give you my own two cents.

First of all, Sheena would definitely agree with me in this when I say, Chi-Chi, played by Jamie Chung is really hot and beautiful in this movie. Moving on, I think that the effects were good. It wasn't like anything from a trying-hard martial arts with powers whathaveyou movie.

Disclaimer: This movie isn't faithful with Dragon Ball Z, or any Anime version of it. In fact, the major differences and similarities of the movie to the source was explained in an interview. For a person who never saw or heard the story of DBZ, like Sheena, you would think that the story was good. But for a die-hard-fan, it wasn't. I think that the story could have been greatly improved, character development needs improvement, and much content has yet to be shown.

The only comment the three of us agreed on is that it was too Western - Goku, the setting. It could have been better if it was more Asian. Well that's coming from someone who lives in Asia, but I think that's besides the point.

End-all, we were surprised that it was actually better than what we expect. It wasn't dragging or boring or trying-hard. The martial arts, cinematography, and the score were good. It wasn't WOW like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, but it's worth watching in the Cinemas.

After we watched the movie, my uncle Martin pointed out that DBE, Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer's effects were done by the same person (correct us if we're wrong). After which, Sheena said that it was like Transformers. So to paint a better picture, think Kung Fu Hustle or Shaolin Soccer + Transformers, that's DBE.

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  1. great review!!
    thanks for coming!!!

    il wait now for the showing on april 11
    and will watch it in D cinema

  2. question?! yung d-cinema ba sa sm north is similar with IMAX that you have to wear a special type of glasses for the 3d effects? TIA

  3. @John: "D-CINEMA IS THE FIRST AND ONLY DIGITAL CINEMA IN THE PHILIPPINES. D-CINEMA shows high-quality 3D or 2D films in a regular cinema and because it is a digital system, every film is guaranteed to look amazing."

  4. yes or no lang ata ang sagot bkt ganyan?!

  5. HAHA! for Dragon Ball, no. But they have movies na merong 3D :P

  6. kelan po showing??

  7. sa Philippines ha...

  8. bat walang pic with uncle?? :O



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