Monday, March 30, 2009

"Mother of All Hell Weeks"

I can say, with all confidence, that all of the students taking Public Administration 143 or Program and Project Development and Management under Prof. Dan Saguil, experienced hell or is still experiencing what might be the worst days of their entire college life.

Besides having to submit a feasibility study on a developmental project (which takes a lot of research, hard work, cups and cups and cups of coffee, and days of no sleep), the exams ("which you think you can score high in, but no...") are really fatal.

PA 143 exam

After about 4 days of minimal or no sleep at all, eating and nearly living in McDonalds Katipunan and Burger King Timog, leaching off wifi connection, trying to beat the paper deadline - we had no time to study for the exam, which we took earlier. Surprisingly, upon entering CPA 301, a hundred students were already in the room (as far as I know, we're just around 40 students from both sections).

The other 50-60 students, are taking removals, not once, not twice, not thrice, but for the fourth time already. Some, who are not in the college anymore, are only taking this removals to graduate. Now, I think you would agree with me that this is the epitome of the word "terror". Godspeed to all of us!

Planned MRB

Design of the Barangay Pansol, Kaingin 2, On-site Medium Rise Socialized Housing Development Project drawn by Nico Dumas (thanks so much!) on top of the location map of the place we're doing the project.

Temporary Housing

Design of the Temporary Housing units, drawn by Marc, to be given to the displaced beneficiaries of the project, when the demolition and clearing of the informal structures and fixtures begin.

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  1. scary. hahahah but you can do it :)) haha parang exagg nun mga 4 times nagttake blah just to grad :)) woah!

  2. uhh yeah. scary stories. grabe. :(( i hope so thea, i hope so...

  3. lol@eating and nearly living at some fastfood chain :))

    we're lucky he agreed to move the paper deadline! damn. how's your feasib going?

  4. Aw. Goodluck with that. You have to give give yourself a reward after. You missed a lot of gatherings hehe :P

  5. actually, this is our fifth na! argh. >.<

  6. @Ross: LOL yeah!!! it's okay :)

    @Mica: Thanks a lot! :) Yes, I did...

    @Ekat: hay ya yay :(

  7. The other 50-60 students, are taking removals, not once, not twice, not thrice, but for the fourth time already.




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