Friday, April 3, 2009

Off to the Monastery of Transfiguration!

I will be going out-of-town (both my first airplane trip and my first trip to Mindanao) this April 4-12, on a "retreat" away from the internet, my laptop, my cellphone (as much as possible), and the business and haggardness of Metro Manila. I will be praying, thinking, reflecting, discerning and spending time with Him and myself. I hope it will be so much fun and fruitful. :) Pray for me.

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Malaybalay City dubbed as the "South Summer Capital of the Philippines" and "City in the Forest", is a first class component city and the capital and administrative center of the province of Bukidnon, Philippines.

The City's 25 year-old Monastery of Transfiguration on San Jose hill, is made of heavy lime blocks, designed by National Artist for architecture Leandro Locsin. The first Filipino Abbott, Fr. Eduardo Africa and former Malaybalay bishop Gaudencio Rosales inaugurated it on August 6, 1983.

"Today, 10 monks had its 7 hectares planted to rice, 25 hectares to corn, and the rest for planting the world-famous Monk’s Blend Premium coffee. It's 2-story Museum of Transfiguration Monastery (MTM) houses Dom Martin’s famous 50-piece vestment collection included in Philippines' 1998 centennial celebration. “Worship and Weave” book on the vestments won the 2001 National Book Award (art category)." [Wikipedia]
P.S. If you want to reach me, just email me or text me if you have my number, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. See you in Summer class/ Internship.

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  1. I'm from Bukidnon (Don Carlos) and I've never been in the Monastery of Transfiguration. I've seen it from the High-way but haven't had a chance to be there in person. I hope that one day I can visit the world reknowned place. I've heard that the boys choir there are also equally famous.



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