Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Yorkie Pup

Right now, there are two of the Yorkie pups left. One male, which we're still selling, and one female, for us. ^^ When I look at these puppies everyday, after school, the stress and worries of exams, papers, etc, vanish for a moment. I tell you, they're REALLY ADORABLE! :)

Photos taken using a Sony Ericsson W760i

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  1. how much for the yorkie male

  2. pls email most recent pictures and contact details if there are still available puppies -

  3. hi! your yorkies are really cute! *^_^* could you email me the details if it is still available? thanks! (

  4. so cute!!! I'm looking for a yorkie puppy, I came across your site. once you have yorkie puppies for sale again, please let me know... i'm very much interested. you can email me,
    thanks! hugz for the doggie ;)

  5. hi! this is Angelo Patrimonio. My mom is looking for an adorable Yorkie. Mind teling me if you still have ones for sale? call me when you have time +639159023516



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