Friday, October 17, 2008


I just can't get enough of the good aromatic yummy tea, so I got myself a stash from all over the place. Yeah, you're right! I am a self-confessed tea addict. I love tea! Sue me! :P

As I am of Chinese descent, it's no surprise that we're all tea drinkers. Chinese restaurants = Service Tea galore. And we're no exception to that rule. Now, my obsession with Jasmine, Oolong, Black, Green, Chai, English Breakfast, and a lot more... oh I forgot Ms. African Sunrise from CBTL, will not go away anytime soon. :)

*EDIT* All I want for Christmas are boxes of African Sunrise Tea from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf please? :P

Oh, and I heard of a newly opened chic cafe over at Cainta, Rizal, across Town and Country Executive Village, with nice yummy tea, which is presented in an innovative way. I wonder when will I be able to visit.


  1. ako rin, i used to drink tea everyday sa office. Hello yellow teeth!



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