Thursday, October 16, 2008

Win a Free Wii Barkada Party in Red Box

Weeks ago, Wii were in Red Box Greenbelt for the launch of its inclusion of the popular game console Nintendo Wii to their line of entertainment amenities and services which they offer to their customers. I bet that you want to try and experience ultimate Wii gaming in your best karaoke place. Not only can you sing your hearts out, now, you can play til’ you drop!

And now, this is why Bong of Manila Foodistas, in partnership with Red Box and GeiserMaclang, will give away a Wii Barkada Package to one lucky person so that he/she can experience a different level of karaoke and gaming high in Red Box.

To get a chance to party in Red Box with your friends for free, simply post/leave your comments below and answer the question:

Which Wii Character
are you, and why?

The respondent with the best answer will get a Free Wii Night Party with four of his/her friends in Red Box. Isn't that cool? :)

Please leave your email addresses on your comments. Last day of submitting a comment is on November 15, 2008. After that, I'll announce the winner by emailing him/her and posting it here. Winners may call and schedule their Wii Party at GeiserMaclang Unit 7C, 114 Tuscan Bldg., V. A Rufino St. , Legaspi Village, Makati City. Tel. No. 02.812.8828 / 02.812.9199 / 0917.523.4624


  1. I think I’m Samus Aran of Super Metroid.

    Like Samus, I’m a fighter. I don’t let the fact that I’m female stand in the way of what I set to do because I believe I can do anything. Underneath that hard metal suit is a strong and determined woman just like me...

  2. I think I'm Jigglypuff because..

    Just like Jigglypuff, one of my strong attacks, mostly unintentional, is singing. Much of my singing strike pain onto their ears whenever we would enjoy a karaoke party or just when singing with the background music. Just like jigglypuff, my singing is totally discourage around my friends, and just like jiggly, we do puff up and pout in irritation to what our friends say/react/do when we do sing. :)

  3. I love to be "Cooking Mama." as a newbie mom, and cook, as well, I want to have fun in the kitchen without the mess.

  4. I’m the incredibly pink fluff ball Kirby from Super Smash Brothers. I’m very adaptable just like him. I can blend in any setting and make the most of any situation. Plus, I love pink. I’m always in pink. In fact if I weren’t human I swear I’d be Kirby himself… PINK POWER!!!

  5. I am a Cooking Mama hehe! I can chop faster than the Nintendo. I can beat egg whites to stiff peaks with my bare hands ( and a wire whisk). And when it comes to repairing dishes.... Do Not Worry I Can Fix It.....

  6. My all time favorite would be no other than the great Mario,its a classic! I grew up playing mario brothers when I was a child, but I never had the chance to finish the game up to the last level.. I do like mario because like him, I do have a princess to rescue.. wealth to collect..powers to gain.. AND a free Wii gaming with friends to win!

  7. I am Luigi. I am laid-back, a bit reluctant and my timidity is often misunderstood as cowardliness. Despite these, I can rise up to the occasion when my help is really needed. I don't really care about my efforts being underappreciated or about my working behind the scenes. It is helping that matters.

  8. If I were a Wii character, I’d definitely be Lara Croft! Her prowess beauty with charm, and her very strong personality is a classic example of lethal combination. She fights villains with tremendous intensity, but still maintains her grace and poise in the process. I just adore the character so much that I feel I’m becoming her little by little each day! =) As of the moment, she wants to sing her heart out and try playing the Wii at Redbox sooooo bad! =)

    Now, who can ever resist making a Lara Croft win? =P

  9. I believe I’m a Sims character. Because there are always so many ways to imagine or create a Sims character, and in that sense, I believe myself to be an ever-changing sort of person because I can adapt to the changing times. A Sims character is creative, and always on the go, just like me.

  10. BAKIT ANG HOT NI PEN!? D: (angry)



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