Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rufo's Famous Tapa

Rufo's is this well lit "24/7" Tapa restaurant along San Miguel Avenue. I think this restaurant is perfect for those who work late, and after work, you would just want to grab anything nice to eat. This is your place. I think this also caters to people who have night jobs. Apparently they don't run out of customers (based on several occasions I went and actually dine in here).

So this is their menu. It's quite simple and you could easily pick what you would want to eat.

They pride their tapa having this "sauce pa lang, ulam na!" (the sauce can already be a viand) phrase. Well, in any advertorial line, it's better that you actually experience or try it before agreeing or believing to what you read. In this case, the sauce is really tasty and a little bit salty for me, but in any case, I think you would really love it. The serving of the tapa, on the other hand, was just few.

"Chicken Barbeque" (BBQ) (Php 85) The chicken was tasty. Sure it's delicious, and can satisfy you but it's not the kind of dish that I would die for.

Tokwa't Baboy (Php 55). They gave nice proportion of Tokwa (Tofu) and Baboy (Pork), and the sauce they used is yummy too.

~Rufo's Famous Tapa~
Lot 9 Block 5San Miguel Avenue.
San Antonio Ortigas Center, Pasig City
+632-6332649/ +632-6382038


  1. San miguel sounds far..hahaha:) Is it? Is it some place I never go? Near...uh, the northern part of the Philippines?:D

  2. sheena!! :D no no sa may San Miguel Avenue sa Ortigas :P

  3. there's actually one in Libis

  4. the only place i know who have saucy tapa:)

  5. anonymous
    yup2! there are 3 branches in Metro Manila :D

  6. gourmandtales
    yup! actually.. saucy and very tasty sauce.. but i bet it's bad that you eat that sauce everyday.. seems like it has lots of sodium content




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