Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Costa Brava Cakes at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall

I first tasted the heavenly dessert cakes of Costa Brava when Jones, my cousin Tippi's boyfriend, brought one for Mimi during her birthday. Since then, I was already looking for this treat. Then CSA interviews came, and Chelsea brought cupcakes from this, and it was really delicious. The more I became head over heels trying to look for this place.

After attending the Dayo Blogger Event, Arpee, his wife Noreen, Nina, Eric and I went to Rockwell. And this is when I finally met Mrs. Juda Liu, maker of the famous cakes. She recommended that I get the Caramel or the White (which she said is Kris Aquino's favorite, "the one she wrote about," Mrs. Liu added). I got both, at Php 120 a box each.

I think you can still find Costa Brava cakes at the lower level of Rockwell Powerplant Mall until the end of October. Hurry and taste this divine dessert creation! :)

~Costa Brava~
12 Polaris St.
Bel-Air Village 3, Makati
+632=8966872 or +632-8961267

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