Friday, October 24, 2008

Bratpack Bag Diaries: Win a Bratpack Bag - Jansport, Timbuktu or Hedgren

Have you ever experienced a Bratpack bag?

Bratpack will soon open at Greenbelt 5! In line with this, Bratpack and Superbong will be giving away a Bratpack bag (Jansport, Timbuktu and Hedgren) to one lucky commenter :)

All you have to do is to simply share your unique experience/s that you have using your Bratpack bags. Leave a comment here (Post a Comment, at the lowest part of the post) or email me at superbong(at)gmail(dot)com. Don't forget to include your email addresses or contact details, so that I'll be able to contact you if you win.

Your stories may be about the places that you’ve been to with your bags and how useful it was during your trips. It could also be on how your bags served as your canvass and how it has been an expression for artistic freedom. Aside from being a travel necessity and an outlet for artistic freedom, it is also a fashion accessory. You can also share on how your bags made you comfortable with your chosen styles.

The most unique and interesting answer will be given a Bratpack bag (Jansport, Timbuktu and Hedgren). The winner will be chosen by yours truly and a guest judge who'll be revealed at the end of the contest. DEADLINE OF SUBMISSIONS IS ON NOVEMBER 14, FRIDAY :)

A Backpack that is well loved by many, which evolved into a modern hippie bag. JanSport is largely associated with contemporary art and supports one’s artistic individuality.

A bag intended for the young female urban achiever. Hedgren bags manifests that real style never shouts.

One of the premium laptop/messenger bags out in the market today. It is made of sturdy materials which make it a perfect companion for traveling outdoors and in wear and tear situations.


  1. Jansport bags are very useful and convenient! HAHA!

  2. There are two experiences in my life that has been significant when talking about using Jansport bag. The first one was back when I was 12 when my parents had a really big fight. The tension was so intense that my mother and I had to pack our things and move out of the house for a while with my little brother. I remember using my classic red-maroon Jansport bag on our way to my lola’s house in Laguna. During the trip I was crying on one side of that bag while holding it. That’s why I was so surprised with this contest because that moment that I mentioned is something that I can’t forget.
    The other story was when the first time that I was permitted to sleep overnight with my friends. That was when I was already a 4th year college student. Just imagine all those overnights that I missed before that day. I was really excited. It was an overnight swimming in Pansol with my college barkada. And of course, the bag that I was using was a black Jansport bag.
    I super love my Jansport backpacks!

  3. hi guys! please don't forgot to leave your contact details (email or any way i can get in touch with you) thanks!

  4. I don't own any of those bags. LOL.

  5. Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to own a jansport bag. I would go to school feeling quite envious of those kids who sport a Jansport (hahaha it rhymes!). So, now that I'm in college, I still don't have my own Jansport bag. One day, I saw my brother come home from school with his own Jansport bag! It was the cool bag that looked like a fishnet! I was practically drooling when I saw his bag!
    Anyway, my brother and I don't have the ideal relationship, but since I wanted to feel how it is to have a Jansport bag, I asked him if I can borrow his. So one day, I brought his Jansport bag to school and it felt so cool! hahahaha! Unfortunately, he only lent it to me for a day so I had to go back to my same-old-same-old backpack. But I won't forget that day because of my brother's Jansport backpack. ;) Thanks to that backpack, I was able to become closer to my brother. hahahahah! Go jansport! :)

  6. Ever since most of my peers in high school, were wearing backpacks, they were of course wearing Jansport. Personally, I like the style of Jansport, where it was some cool simple bag proper for any occasion, for school, outings, overnights or just anything you need to place all stuff with. Well. Back in high school, around 2nd year, my old backpack that I was "assigned" to me, broke because it can't handle most of the heavy books we had back then.

    I then asked my dad if he could buy me this Jansport bag, the blue one. If i remember correctly. I think, being very much timid, it was foolish of me to ask my cheap(as in really cheap) of a dad for a branded "cool" bag. And one of the most stupid detail I forgot about my dad was that, he's into the bag manufacturing business. Zim fail talaga. So he gave me TONS of reasons not to buy this bag. He offered Tons of bags that he made in the factory near our house to suit me. (and for the record, those were Kiddy stroller bags, or some weird pinkish back pack with power rangers at the back, imagine the pain). Though I did defend how great and how i'd Love the Jansport bag. But to no avail. I then decided, to buy it on my own. So I went to the nearest mall, near our school, and brought it. With much joy of feeling grown up and buying my stuff, and of course having my own jansport, I was then a happy little boy :)

    Though, concealing the fact that I disobeyed my dad's stubborn notion not to buy a jansport bag. Well I think I was grounded. but I was still happy. Now around college, my dad keeps pestering me to borrow my Jansport bag for his outings with his friends(who were obviously in some sort of midlife crisis). and when I finally gave in.. He NEVER returned it! Its always the bag he uses in his outings and etc. and he has the nerve of keeping it in his office so that it would become his. haha. He never answered/replied to my demand of having it back. Though, it still sucks that he got my beloved back pack. hmm. Well, I still think my dad wants to feel young again, haha so thats why he stole my Jansport bag. Hay. I wish I get it back someday. And yeah. I still see it in the pictures he brings back after his outings. At least i know its still alive :P

  7. When I was in high school, I was a member of the student council. I have a crush on this other member who has this very cute orange Jansport bag. The funny thing is that my sister has the same exact bag so I borrowed it and used it in school (so we’re using the same bag now). One day, I left my bag at the student council’s office and attended to some errands. After a few minutes (or hours), I was surprised because when I checked my bag because my crush’s ID is inside my bag! I didn’t know what to do! How did that happen? I don’t know. Maybe, somebody mistook it for my crush’s bag. So, I took advantage of the situation and returned the ID to my crush. I think that’s the first and last time I talked to my crush. :(

    PS: We now go to the same university.

    email: jeric.pena [at sign]

  8. This is a shortened version...

    I had a Jansport bag that I used for almost my whole stay in UP (almost 7 years!!!). It was a blue one with a lot of pockets inside and outside. I got this bag as a gift from my mother during my first year in UP. The only times I didn’t use it was when it’s being washed or if I need to bring a LOT more stuff to school or somewhere else.

    It was first, my bag. I put random things, not just school stuff. I was the local girl scout who would have scissors, pliers, cutter, adhesive tape or the usual things other people don’t bring. Because of its many pockets, I was able to stuff it here and there.

    But aside from that…

    It was my wallet.

    It was my pillow.

    It was my “sapin.”

    It was my “pahid” cloth.

    It was my trash can.

    It was my fashion.

    It was my keychain collection holder.

    It was a deadly weapon at times.

    It was my partner.

    It had already started peeling inside from the years of use, but I still continued to use it until I needed it.

    After I graduated, I put it to rest because it’s so beat up already, although it’s still usable, it doesn’t fit my yuppy style anymore.

    This bag has climbed two mountains (one of which was where I almost fell off a cliff and could have died), been to Baguio (I've only been to Baguio twice) and a couple of other provinces (I just actually went to 1 field trip). It was my bag when I was in my first course, and when I shifted, it was still with me. The bag has has shared a lot of memories, stood through time until I had to grow out of it.

  9. Bags are already useful to begin with, and that's why they were invented. In the end, it's not really about the usefulness that captivates you into using them--it's the convenience of having something to put your things into when you don't want to carry them around with your arms.

    I've been everywhere with my bag -- hotels, school, roads that I frequent, and those that I rarely pass by. Someone else may have the same bag as I do, but mine's individuality shines through with the way I design it.

    I love Hello Kitty. And my bag is full of Hello Kitty pins. And traveling has always been such an indulgence--my key chains would attest to that.



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